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Review | OPHELIA

Reminiscent of a child flatly stating "I told you so!", the final coda of Ophelia feels as if it's delivered from up on a pedestal, speaking down to all of us who perhaps needed a lesson or two. Now, I don't mean the climax, mind you - which is fantastically realized and heartbreakingly experienced - but rather the last message before the end credits. The kind that repeats its thesis, expands on it, and sums everything up in a nice bow, without much care for how it'll look in doing so. This being Ophelia's perspective, an alternative take on Shakespeare's classic Hamlet, I'd have no issue with such reminders, had they not just been given to us most visually and most grand.

Ophelia is all Daisy Ridley's show (not to take anything away from the other players), who presents a range of stoicism and wisdom that is difficult to convey, especially in a character we already have preconceived notions about. Ophelia has long been considered as a poor woman …

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