Review | KIMI


Thankfully, Steven Soderbergh’s Kimi doesn’t fall into the usual trappings of techno-terror flicks, somewhat like the recent Child’s Play remake. In that film, A.I. assistant software turns into literal nightmares of American excess, where a monopoly was ultimately undone by a foreign laborer’s legitimate outrage. Now, Child’s Play wasn’t really some backdoor or front door socialist tome, nor was it much of a Capitalistic horror - especially considering it was part of a “franchise.” It was fun first and foremost, but also somewhat juvenile in its depiction of technology in general, and how haywire things can get when the evil switch is flipped on. There is no such switch on Kimi’s smart devices, which exist in a grey void of on-demand service. Users, on the other hand, are more easily defined as good or bad, but never do they imprint such traits on their A.I. tech. The Kimi of Kimi hears only what we allow, pending terms and conditions acceptance.

Though, nobody actually reads those.

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