Drawing by Zach McGovern (instagram.com/halmundane)

Neaux Reel Idea started in 2011 as a simple Blogspot and lasted in that form for a few years before I moved on to other projects and contributions.

Now rebooted, this blog/inbox periodical is dedicated to both the New Orleans moviegoing experience and to the films coming soon, being projected and available streaming.

I (Bill Arceneaux) have been writing about films (semi) professionally since 2011 and currently have a membership with the Southeastern Film Critics Association.

My work has appeared in Big Easy Magazine, DIG Baton Rouge, PROPAGANDA New Orleans, Film Threat, Occupy, Vague Visages, and Movieboozer.

Favorite movie(s): Apocalypse Now or Roman Holiday, depending on my mood.

With the recent losses of major film criticism portals, it’s getting increasingly difficult to make a living writing about movies.

I believe that this form of reviewing – observational, introspective, analytical, and more – is gravely important to our understanding of art and even our place in the world and in our skin.

My efforts, while representing but a small fraction of work towards the culture, have been an absolute joy and privilege. With comments from readers and colleagues, I continue to grow as a writer and a viewer.

Sharing is caring, consideration is adoration. Please do pass my posts all around your social channels and subscribe to my newsletter at the form above. Many thanks, and let’s talk movies!