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Review | SUMMER OF 84

From the team that brought us the very inspired, gruesome and romantic Turbo Kid, comes a more direct romp into 80s era horror, Summer of 84. When considering their previous sci-fi-ish post-apocalyptic adventure of arrested development into superheroism, you shouldn't forget the love present - and not just the kind between the female robot and laser-armed boy. This is a filmmaking group that absolutely digs nostalgia for the age of John Hughes and Return of the Jedi, but not so much in easy to catch references, but rather mood and feel. And that's where Summer of 84 excels. In mood and feel.


In America's not too distant future, former economically depressed cities and neighborhoods will be lined with (white) Airbnb's, (white) liberal cafe's and (white) people crowdfunding startups. In this future-scape, gentrification won't be a thing but a chicken wing; locals moving down the block - or several blocks - will be standard migration practices, as "opportunities" turn into serving the needs of those who took it all from a culture/community they'll never truly appropriate. This is a sci-non-fi tragi-comedy of grand complexity. This is Bliindspotting.

And Now, Without MoviePass ...

As I travel back to birth, past Jupiter and around the end of (my) time, I tend to think about previous assertions and lofty dreams - sometimes my own, sometimes of others. MoviePass falls under both categories but, unfortunately, is no longer a dream I wish to be part of. It's not a nightmare for me, a moviegoer, just a pointy stick poking the back of my head. A frustration, really.