Let. Us. Fest!: A Ko-Fi Goal Explainer

Left to Bottom to Right: Courtney Young, Myself, and Chris Henson,
You may find it hard to believe, but I don't get out terribly often. Usually seated at my home-office desk, I watch movie screener links from the trusted Vimeo app, in between working various freelance gigs (usually writing related). On the rare-ish occasion that I DO make the trip out into the open, it's to escape in the comfort of a darkened theater, lit mostly by the light that comes from above and behind. The cinema, I consider, to be a second home or, more accurately, a second safe-space. Never for retreating to, always for feeling with.

Here in the Metro New Orleans area (now living on the Northshore in Covington), we don't have a crazy diverse selection of venues outside of chains. In the city proper, of course, there are independent places like The Broad, Zeitgeist, The Prytania and Shotgun Cinema (not a physical place, but a screening organization). Each one with its own atmosphere and programming selections, doing what they can to each bring something important to the local film culture table. They are absolutely invaluable.

Driving into the city, I can either go across our Causeway Bridge (with a toll to pay) or go sort of around Lake Ponchartrain, through Slidell and New Orleans East (a much longer trip, but no toll). Upon arrival, there's the issue of parking. Some theaters have it good, others not so much. If one can do so without paying anything, and legally/safely, that's quite the feat downtown. This scenario is most commonly (for me) associated with seeing flicks at Cinebarre Canal Place. And when I do attend Cinebarre, it's for a film festival.

Maybe it's because of the upscale-ish locale or proximity to the French Quarter, but our biggest film events seem to gravitate to this theater (though there are other off the beaten path options that are chosen). Not a bad call, just inconvenient to those looking for inexpensive parking.

This year (as was the case with last), The Overlook Film Festival, featuring eclectic horror movies from across the globe, will screen at this very joint. I've been double confirmed for press passes (through Big Easy Magazine and this very blog) and, same as 2018, will be attending a few showings. While I work out advance screener link details with the operators, nothing beats the seated showcase of moviegoing done right.

Which is why I've established a funding goal on Ko-fi.

Proceeds will go to covering all bridge and parking fees, plus some gas if need be. It's four days of festing at the end of May, so I have some time to plan my coverage. Interviews? Reviews? Diary entries? Any/all could go down across my keyboard. What would you like to read?

At this time, I'm at 10% of the goal (thanks, Lance Mannion!). If successful, this will show me that not only do I have some readers but that people are willing to support my film writing. I've put out similar fund-seeking pages in the past, to little or zip effect, and more than likely were my fault (expectations, follow-through, etc). Racked up with now eight years of semi-pro experience doing this kind of online expression, I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Click below if you please.

Get me to the fest. Get me to as many as possible.


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